With increasing the tourists visits to Nusa Penida, there will also be an increase in demand for fast boat tickets to Nusa Penida, for that we took the initiative to offer fast boat tickets at affordable prices from Sanur Harbor to Nusa Penida or from Nusa Penida to Sanur Harbor. book online to ensure you get ticket Easier. Check the prices and departure times below :

DepartureDestinationTime ITime II
Sanur portNusa penida08.0015.00
Nusa penidaSanur port09.1517.00
Price per personOne-wayRound-trip

Important notes :

  1. Make your own to Location “Check – Google Map Below” >>>Sanur Port (Meeting Point Sanur Fast boat)
  2. You should be arriving at location 30 minutes before departure time
  3. Schedules: The punctuality of departure and arrival times are subject to sea and or weather conditions.
  4. Connecting Flights / other scheduled transportation: The company is a beach-to-beach point carrier and we don’t take responsibility for any delays or connecting flights at any airport / other scheduled transportation.
  5. Luggage Allowance: Each passenger is entitled to a maximum of 2 pieces luggage carried free of charge, not exceeding a total weight of 25 Kg. The passenger shall not carry onto the vessel or include in luggage any Explosives, corrosives, highly flammable liquids or anything likely to endanger the vessel, other passengers or goods.
  6. Not suitable for: Pregnant women, Those suffering heart conditions, Those suffering serious back complaints, those suffering any serious physical impediments