During Sukawati art market-Gunung kawi temple you will visit interesting places below :

1. Barong dances

Barong and Kris Dance in Bali Balinese Mythological Dance The Barong and Kris dance is one of the island’s most iconic dance-dramas, on par with the Legong and Kecak. Those with a keen interest in arts and culture will appreciate the performances the most, with daily shows scheduled at various stages throughout the island’s main tourism areas – the most popular being at Batubulan in Gianyar, and the Denpasar suburbs. Shows are locally managed locally; dances performed by villagers, and live gamelan orchestra accompanies the full length of the show. The 12th century classical tale of good versus evil, Calon Arang, serves as the backdrop for the Barong and Kris dance. The Barong, a benevolent spirit in beast form must protect a kingdom against the vengeful wrath of the widow and witch queen, Rangda. Two male dancers work out the movements of the heavily ornate Barong costume, much in resemblance of the Chinese lion dance, while supporting dancers portray monkeys, priests and village men

2. Sukawati art market

Sukawati art market is a place to buy Balinese souvenirs that is popular among tourists to the Island of the Gods. This place which is also known as the art market is located in Gianyar Regency.
If you have the opportunity to vacation in Bali, it’s not complete if you haven’t hunted for souvenirs to take home as mementos and souvenirs for the closest people.
Not only known among local tourists, this place is also a favorite of foreign tourists. Not surprising because here you will find a variety of very interesting souvenirs and gifts.

3. Celuk Village (Silver and gold Smith)

The village of Celuk, located approximately 4 km southwest of the Sukawati District, is also Bali’s major centre for goldsmiths and silversmiths. The main road of Jalan Raya Celuk is lined up with galleries and workshops. The gold and silver items crafted here are of high quality and feature unique and elaborate designs as the craftsmen are known for their skills and their industriousness. Almost all of the households in the village are homes to jeweller families and each Celuk villager possesses artistic skills in developing and executing intricate designs and varying patterns. The gold and silver items they produce include souvenirs and mass export items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, broaches and many other Balinese ceremonial accessories and adornments. As a tourism destination, Celuk welcomes visitors by the day who come to see the elaborate designing and production processes up close and witness a work of art in the making. Also, produce can be purchased directly here.

4. Batik hand weaving pactory

Tohpati Village is one of the most famous Bali Places of Interest is where you can watching the entire Batik, making process from the designing, waxing, coloring and drying of the materials. It’s very exciting to watch the Balinese paint on a cloth, it’s not just simple structured paintings but they are very expert. There are a large number of Batik showrooms in this village where one can find the genuine batik and the finest batik cloth known is Ikat weaving, Ikat means to tie or bind, is used as the name for intricately patterned cloth. It is an ancient art from tribes of Indonesia which has a strong ethnic identification.

5. Suwat waterfall

Suwat waterfall has a height of about 15 meters with a natural atmosphere that is so exotic. While at the bottom of the waterfall there is a bathing pool that is quite spacious with a freshness that is so tempting. For those who cannot swim, they can still play in the water safely using the buoy provided by the manager.

6. Gunung kawi temple

Gunung Kawi Temple or Gunung Kawi Cliff Temple is a protected archaeological site in Bali. Located in the Pakerisan River, Penaka Hamlet, Tampaksiring Village, Tampaksiring District, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia. This temple is very unique because usually the temple is in the form of intact rocks made of red bricks or mountain stones, but this temple is not like that but sculptures on the walls of rock cliffs on the banks of the river. This temple has a beautiful and cool view because it is surrounded by rice fields.

These tour descriptions above apply for IDR 550.000/car/1-6 passenger (Standard MPV) tours duration 10 hours


  • Tax + fuel
  • English Driver
  • Parking fees
  • Toll road fees
  • Private car fully Air conditioning


  • Entrance tickets to tourist attractions
  • Lunch and other personal expenses


Another option you can put into your Ubud countryside tours, normally you just can visit 4-6 tourist attractions in one day tour in ten hours duration


  • Bali zoo park 
  • Bali bird park 
  • Bali water rafting
  • Batubulan Barong dance
  • Taman safari marine park
  • Mason elephant safari park
  • Kemenuh Butterfly park
  • Balitopia butterfly park
  • Guwang hidden canyon
  • Ubud Monkey forest
  • Ubud royal palace
  • Ubud art market
  • Sukawati art market
  • Guwang Sukawati art market
  • Tegalalang rice terrace
  • Campuan ridge walk
  • Bali swing
  • Alas Arum swing (swing on rice terrace)
  • Temen village (coffee luwak plantation)
  • Penglipuran village
  • Saraswati temple
  • Batuan temple
  • Elephant cave/Goa Gajah Temple
  •  Spring water temple (Tirta Empul)
  • Gunung kawi Temple (tampak siring)
  • Gunung kawi Temple (Taro)
  • Kehen temple
  • Kanto lampo waterfall
  • Tibumana waterfall
  • Tegenungan waterfall
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall
  • Blang singa Waterfall
  • Dusun kuning waterfall
  • Suwat waterfall
  • Taman sari Waterfall
  • Tohpati village (batik hand Weaving)
  • Celuk Village (central gold and silver Smith in bali)
  • Batuan Village (central painting art in Bali)
  • Mas village (central wood carving & sculpture in Bali)
  • Gianyar street food (night Market)