During Denpasar City-kumbasari art market tours you will visit interesting places below :

1. Upside-down world Bali

Upside Down World Bali offers a very different photo concept
Have you ever imagined having a photo with your body upside down, it looks like you are walking on the ceiling of a room/room, like taking a photo in a room without the Earth’s gravity?
The concept of upside down photos is like flying and walking on the ceiling, a concept offered by Upside Down World Bali.
At the Upside Down World Bali photo location, all the rooms have an upside down design. Not only the room, all the contents of the room such as beds, pillows, television, cupboards, shelves are also made upside down. Not only with the reverse design, the uniqueness of this photo spot is also found in the layout of the room, the color combination of the room and interior is designed with contrasting colors to make it look beautiful in the photo.

2. Bali museum

The Bali Museum is a state museum located in Denpasar City, Bali. The Bali Museum is a museum for storing relics of the human past and ethnography. The museum collection consists of ethnographic objects including tools and equipment for life, art, religion, written language, and others that reflect the life and development of Balinese culture in the past.

3. Kumbasari art market

The Kumbasari Art Market is one of Denpasar’s central landmarks and is one of the city’s main sources of arts and handicrafts. The market is right across the Badung River from Badung Market and sells items that mostly come from the island’s various art-producing communities, like Ubud and other artistic communities in the central Bali highlands, while also featuring galleries by onsite painters and craftsmen.

Locally referred to as Pasar Kumbasari, the Kumbasari Art Market in central Denpasar sells mostly the same kind of goods you’ll find at any traditional market in Bali. Even so, the diverse selection of items available here will easily appeal to avid shoppers, especially with its bargain and wholesale prices.

4. Bajra shandi monumen

 The Bajra Sandhi Monument or also called the Bali People’s Struggle Monument is a monument to the struggle of the Balinese people located in Denpasar City, the Bajra Sandhi Monument is one of the buildings that has become a symbol of the struggle of the Balinese people against the invaders. Not only has Hindu philosophical value, the Bajra Sandhi monument is also full of symbols of independence. There are 17 steps at the main door of the monument. There are 8 grand pillars inside the monument which have a height of 45 meters. These numbers are the date of Indonesian independence August 17, 1945.

These tour descriptions above apply for IDR 550.000/car/1-6 passenger (Standard MPV) tours duration 8-10 hours


  • Tax + fuel
  • English Driver
  • Parking fees
  • Toll road fees
  • Private car fully Air Conditioning


  • Entrance tickets to tourist attractions
  • Lunch and other personal expenses